If you've come for info about me, the artist...well er..yeah..that's here.


Name: Eric Lane Schoonover

AIM: WindWakerLink

Age: 21

Location: Boston, MA

School: MassArt and Simmons

Job: Web-comic artist :-P....and ...cashier..>_<

Feel free to e-mail me at windwakereric@hotmail.com

Yeah, so I first got into webcomics by reading Penny Arcade a little over a year ago, when I was heard they were going to appear at Otakon. I then would be always be linked to sites such as VGCats and Ctrl Ald Del through message boards and other varieties of media. I had interest in making a web comic, a more dramatic one because most of the ones I had read were very much gag comics, or ones that would feature just a joke per page, and then go on to a new topic the next update. That's when my friend John introduced me to some of the more serious webcomics out there like Strings of Fate and Fallen. I got hooked.

I was in my sophomore year in college at MassArt in the animation program, and got severely depressed, I just stopped really caring about what teachers were asking for, and thought that the whole instiution had lost its mind for trying to define what fine art exactly was, and bashing comic book style art quite a bit. So, much like the classic scene in Office Space...one day I just decided to stop going, and to do whatever I wanted...and that ended up becoming the Blind Path. I don't remember how I found out about keenspace, but once I found out about free web space...BAM!

IRL Hell is the more recent comic, and follows more along the lines of the gag comics I mentioned before...I'm going to make it a bit more wordy, because I really like dialogue, and it will end up having more of an ongoing story than most gag comics, but also won't take itself seriously...(kind of MegaTokyo-ish, but not as much continuity :-P)

So now I'm taking some Japanese at Simmons while trying to finish up my degree at MassArt. and that's where I am in my life right now.



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